January 9, 2020 MARI Annual Meeting

Maple Area Residents Inc. will hold its annual meeting on January 9, 2020 at St. Andrews Community Center, 8000 block of Zimple. Doors open at 6:30. A meal will be served.

Speakers include:

Councilmember Joe Giarrusso reviewing 2019 and previewing 2020
City Planning Staff on the Housing Opportunity Study, which could increase residential density by changing zoning regulations

Office of Homeland Security on how to get a security camera on your street or house

Come and meet with your neighbors for an evening of information and conversation.

Council to Vote on New Short Term Rental Rules January 10, 2019

The Council may limit STRs to residences where the operator holds a homestead exemption.

You can write the Council by using this email string: hnmoreno@nola.gov; avtuozzolo@nola.gov; jasonwilliams@nola.gov; kdlampkin@nola.gov; Joseph.Giarrusso@nola.gov; tgmcleod@nola.gov; Jay.Banks@nola.gov; Jarvis.Lewis@nola.gov; Kristin.Palmer@nola.gov; Andrew.Sullivan@nola.gov; councildistrictd@nola.gov; jahawkins@nola.gov; Cyndi.Nguyen@nola.gov; tguerin@nola.gov

Carrollton Courthouse at HDLC Wednesday January 9, 2019 at 1:30 PM

The proposal to redevelop the Carrollton Courthouse into a senior living project will be before the HDLC in Council Chambers on Wednesday, January, 2019. If you want to submit written comments to the HDLC, email them to acpernas@nola.gov.

Lens Article on Short Term Rentals

Writer and Carrollton Resident Roberta Gratz has written an article for the Lens about short-term rentals. Gratz, who has written several books on urban planning, including "We're Still Here Ya Bastards" about the post-Katrina recovery, says, “What ruined the Quarter as a community now threatens the whole city.”