New Orleans Police Department

    Emergency    Dial 911

    Non-Emergency  (504) 821-2222

    Quality of Life Officer

     Tulane University Police
           Emergency: (504) 865-5911
    Non-Emergency: (504) 865 - 5381

     Loyola Police Department 




     New Orleans Fire Department   911



    Find out when Trash and recycling pickup is in your area.


     For day collection, roll-off carts with trash and garbage, bagged yard waste, or bundles of tree limbs shall be placed at the curb or in the service alley before 5:00 a.m. on the day designated for collection, but not before 4:00 p.m. of the day prior to the designated collection day. Empty carts shall be removed from the curb or service alley as soon as possible, but prior to 7:00 p.m. on the day of collection.


     It shall be unlawful to place or permit carts to remain adjacent to the curb, except on regular collection days. Carts shall be stored, between collection days, on the user's property so as not to interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic along sidewalks, streets, and other rights-of-way.



     Sewerage and Water Board to report leaks or about accounts.






Streetcars and Other Public Transit

 Cab Companies



Municipal law prohibits parking on sidewalks and front lawns.

Front Yards may not be paved more than 40% [and paving requires a permit.]

Most of the streets in the area are available for free public parking. However,

in Residential Parking Zones, public parking is limited to two hours. Violators are subject to fines of $ 75.  If you live in Residential Parking Zone, you can apply for a permit. If you don't, you can apply to create a new Residential Parking Zone.


Illegal Short-Term Rentals

 Notify MARI if you suspect any illegal short-term rentals (Air-bnb) in your area.

 Here is a link to the City's list of legal short-term rentals.


Neighborhood and Preservation Organizations

Louisiana Landmarks Society

Preservation Resource Center

Broadmoor Improvement Association

Carrollton-Riverbend Neighborhood Association

Central Carrollton Residents Association

Northwest Carrollton

Uptown Triangle Neighborhood Association

Upper Audubon Association

Save Audubon Park

Coalition City Park for Everyone