Recreation and Entertainment

Parks and Green Spaces

Landmarks and Things to See

Carrollton Courthouse

St. Charles Streetcar

Mississippi River

Audubon Park

Walking and Running

Walk and run in the neighborhoods, in Audubon Park, on the levee. Be careful running or walking on the neutral grounds, as drivers may not expect to see you there.  Don't walk or run in the bike lanes.   It endangers the bikers.


There are bike lanes on Carrollton and St. Charles, in Audubon Park and on the levee. Be careful of the drop off on the levee.

Gyms and Swimming Pools

Tulane Reily Center (Community/Early Bird Memberships)

Loyola Recreation Center (Community/Early Bird Memberships)

Audubon Whitney Young Pool

Jewish Community Center

NORD Aquatics


Youth Sports


Live Music

Maple Leaf Bar (Local Bar, Local Music)

Classical Music

Friends of Music  Top notch national and international chamber music. Dixon Hall, Tulane University.

New Orleans Piano Competition Every other July at Rouselle Hall, Loyola University, International Competition.


Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra


      Prytania Theater

      Elmwood Palace 20